segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

An Announcement

Hey there, folks.

Among other factors, playing in Alexis' excellent Campaign Juvenis has reinforced the latent impetus to begin a campaign of my own within the local scene. I had just about written the word "try" in that preceding phrase but erased it. It is happening.

Like I told Alexis when asking his go-ahead for posting this non-commercial blurb on this blog associated with his campaign, I'm not at all adamant about gaining readership, I'm doing the whole thing for my own education and entertainment, but come the time after the honeymoon passes - as he so well put it - it starts to be trying for a writer to be constantly honing his thoughts only to eject them into the cold and uncaring void of forgetfulness.

So, if you're at all curious about what the smart-ass behind the Cleric's mask would think, make, say or do to start a D&D campaign in his neck of the woods, I here lay the door ajar. Open it.

(I trust you remembered to check for traps first...)

domingo, 4 de dezembro de 2016

Species:  Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric
Level: 1

Strength             13
Intelligence         11
Wisdom             17
Constitution        15
Dexterity            12
Charisma           12

HP: 13
AC: 10
AP: 4

XP: 150

Personal Information:

age:                   23                                         
height:               5'10"                                    
weight (lb):        171                                       
birthdate:           March,  12th     
birthplace:         Stavanger, Kingdom of Denmark                                                                           
ethnicity:            Northern Europe                                           
eyes:     steel blue                                          
hair:      tawny, with luxuriant curls and with a healthy growth                                 
skin:      nordic                                 
starting wealth:  80 g.p.

starting x.p.: 150            

Combat Data:  

THAC0: 20

Weapon Proficiencies:
  • Maul
  • Warhammer


Combat use:
  • Shield (small-protects vs. 2 opp.)  3 lb.
  • Leather armor                            15 lb.
  • Iron Warhammer                          5 lb.
  • chausses, linen                       3,59 lb.
  • hauberk, linen                         5,99 lb.
Clothing (worn):
  • Coat, wolf fur                        16,50 lb.
  • loin cloth, cotton                     0,53 lb.
  • Shirt (men's), cotton                1,05 lb.
  • Boots (high hard), cowhide       2,28 lb.
  • Gloves, velour                        0,28 lb.
  • Backpack, cowhide                 3,10 lb.
  • Belt, cowhide                          0,44 lb.
  • Thong, cowhide                       0,04 lb.

Other items: 
  • Holy symbol (large), satinwood  1,57 lb.
  • Candle (votive), beeswax          0,23 lb.
  • Chemise, cotton                       1,05 lb.
  • Dice, bone                               0,02 lb.

Current load: 59,66 lbs

Funds: 0 GP, 0 SP, 8 CP;

Elsewhere: Sloop, docked in Stavanger (personal dock);